Week 1 Update

Hello readers,

So I made it to day 4 of my diet. My doctor told me to eat zero carbs and a lot of protien. It was by no means easy at all but, I’m so proud of myself and the lifestyle change I’ve made. Today I am allowed to eat 20 carbs at most. Going form zero carbs to 20 carbs is actually a little overwhelming. I have no desire to eat carbs and now I can eat 20! I did a little on line shopping for low carb breads , bars , and candy and I can’t wait for my order to come in !

Have a great day !!



Guiltless On The Rocks

Even though it’s a Monday , it’s still nice to unwind with a guilt free cocktail.


I love adding floral flavors like Lavender, Jasmine , and Orange Blossom to this cocktail. The citrus from the lime and the floral fragrance from the extracts makes this the most relaxing cocktail ever!

1 shot of vodka
1/2 cup soda water
2 limes
*add extract if desired

Hey You ! Stop and take my poll

I know now your looking at my site and I would love to know what you think !


What’s Going on Here ?


HERE is the link to the above article . This article relates nutritional value of the food that is on sale verse the nutritional value of the food that generally doesn’t go on sale. The food that goes on sale is very unhealthy compaired to the nutrient rich alternatives. So in a way, most Americans , when going to grocery stores, are economically being burdened buy not being able to afford the nutrient rich choice . But what could we do about it ?


If you don’t like a system don’t support it. If this article made you mad for only being able to aford HOHO’s STOP BUYING THE PRODUCT.

Let’s first look at your budgetIf your eating out everyday and an active social drinker , think about cutting back or ordering cheaper ! A small change like that will add up and you will have money for better quality food.

Get creative! Buy produce that can be used in multiple ways. For example , I love ground turckey. I make burgers, taco meat, meatballs all from ground turkey which will be a key part of my everyday diet. Stick with 2 proteins 3 veggie and 1 fruit verity a week.

Finding a new way to get groceries can be exciting and potentially more economical. I buy some of my groceries online and occasionally I go to the farmers market. Most of my produce comes from my local grocery store. It’s ok to not always eat organic , I rarely do!

Coming This Week

Happy Monday !

The seasons are changing, and fall is approaching. Here is what to look forward too this week

The Biggest Loser Season 16 : Glory Days premiers Sept. 11th 8/7c


I am very excited for the new season of The Biggest Loser. This season, a new batch of contestants , all former athletes, will compete too see who will win the grand prize and be crowned the next Biggest Loser . Last Seasons winner Rachel Fredrickson , caused a lot of controversy due to her dramatic and record breaking weight loss. Jillian Michaels also caused a little controversy of herself by violating the show rules by giving her contests a diet supplement which gave them more energy. I very excited about this cast and can’t wait too see what the show has in store for us !

Discounts: TARGET


My love for Targetgrows and grows each time I walk into there store. This week a I chose to focus on products at target that will aid in my weight loss journy. Who doesn’t like Target? For more info on these products click HEREl

National Fibromyalgia Awareness Week


Fibromyalgia is a very common pain disease that affect thousands of people all over the world. The root cause can range from genetics to past improperly healed injuries. To help in aiding research DONATE

WEEK 1 Diet


Week 1 is all about packing in the lean protein and eating zero carbs the first 4days. This has been a really tough challenge because the mild appetite suppressant the doctor gave me made it really hard the get in enough fat and calories the first 2 days . I came up with a meal plan so that I could get high protein nutriance with healthy fatsand zero carbs.


I added Pepper Jack Cheese too a few of these meal items to add more fat in my diet.

WEEK 1 Workout

Here is this weeks work out plan. This is a great work out to do during a commercial break of your favorite show or on a 30min lunch break.Challenge yourself keeping track of how long it takes you to do one set and try and beat your time each round.